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Peace & Love Still Exist


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           It seems that now more than ever, what we need is something to connect us to each other and to ourselves wouldn't you agree? To stop taking life too seriously and have some more fun. To show the world there is still hope for the future! 

          How it works is, during your day if you find yourself doing something you love to do or being in a space that brings you peace, take a short video clip of yourself doing that (no time limit). It could be an activity such as sport playing, dancing, yoga, hiking, swimming, gym work outs, or rock-climbing! It could be some kind of creative thing you love to do like painting, drawing, building legos, playing an instrument, singing, cooking, baking, tie dying, making a sculpture, listening to music, reading, or planting your garden. It could be a video of some sort of public service like picking up litter on a walking path, instead of driving riding a bike, or supporting local curbside businesses.  You can do group things too with your family, or partner, or close circle friends, or yes....PETS! Make it fun, funny, and positive! 

        In the video you can throw us a peace sign or actually say to the camera “peace and love still exist!!!!” Or simply just show that beautiful smile of yours. But the main goal of this in our vision is to highlight positive things we are doing in our lives. To show our friends, family and OURSELVES that we are allowed to be creative and in some cases vulnerable!  


       Once we get enough videos, we are going to compile them together for our YouTube channel! Our channel is called Peace and Love Still Exist. We can’t wait to see what you do!

Please send your videos in an email to 

The Vision

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