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Hey, check out some of my tunes!

My new solo record is coming out soon, but be sure to listen to all the albums from past projects too!

Singing songs and planting flowers

My music is inspired by idealistic philosophy, eastern spirituality, and experiential life. When I was growing up I adopted an alternative lifestyle. I went down a different path than most of the other kids did. I was wearing scarves and bare feet to school. I was experimenting with psychedelics, and other "things"... I always knew I wasn't alone. You are not alone either.

Those years were not easy, but music always helped me. This is who I am. I've always advocated for the importance of mental health and emotional wellness. The message of my music has always carried an underlying tone to uplift our collective human spirit and harmonize ourselves with the natural world. It is more important than ever to find something real. The small things that we do that matter the most, because when the big things come our way, the way we did those small things is how we will come towards the big moments in life.

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