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"We are moving toward a wider horizon of possibilities"


Galen grew up in an artistic household with mom singing Joni Mitchel lullabies on the record player. His father would play classical piano live with sheet music a couple nights a week with galen on his lap. And at the same time, they kept a solid rotation of The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam on the stereo. His grandparents influenced and inspired him the most when they showed him the 1969 Woodstock movie on the VHS player TV. When Galen saw Keith Moon play drums, it was the beginning of a long road to getting on stage.

Galen started as a drummer at age 7 sparking an early sense of rhythm which set the stage for his songwriting journey at age 13. Galen performed on stage for all the school talent shows, the school Jazz Band, and joined the School of Rock program in his hometown. This was where he was connected with friends; Will Coccia, Pete Ciccone, and David Beitler which has solidified the current line up of his live band"The Reason Why". 

Since 2018, Galen has toured across the United States, headlining festivals, and opening for acts like Trevor Hall, Dirtwire, The Happy Fits, and more. Galen's songs have found placements in TV shows like "Grey’s Anatomy” and “Young and the Restless." Internationally, he's performed in Australia, Scotland, India, and England. Now most recently, in the beginning of 2024 he signed with SSK Records to release a series of brand new songs under his own name.

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What is the reason why? Why are we here? To play music together is the answer we all came up with.



Lead Guitar

Will Coccia, initially from Bethlehem Pennsylvania, has a diverse musical background that includes training in classical finger-style guitar, jazz chops, and all different rock genres/ soloing. At age 14, he started his fundamental training at the School of Rock program, where he studied the many genres and sub-genres of rock music from the early 60s to contemporary. His interest was peaked during his exploration and the various works of Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, and Steve Vai,  whilst also starting to play live with both Pete and Galen all throughout  his teens.


His journey progressed and took him to studying traditional classical technique as well as dipping into the chaotic nature of jazz music at Lehigh Valley Performing Arts s school (LVPA), undertaking anything from the hard bop style of Sonny Rollins to the romantic works of Francisco Tarrega. Post-graduation, Will set his sights on the organized structure and well-crafted coordination embedded in Percussive Fingerstyle while attending Moravian University in order to gain a better understanding of how an arrangement works. 


While touring with "Galen Deery and The Reason Why", Will now also teaches at School of Rock where he creates an environment for students to achieve higher levels of musicianship, confidence, and over-all Rock spirit. He sees his role as not only teaching musical skills but also helping his students become more self-assured, while expressing his passion about sharing knowledge and guidance to help his students become the most technically proficient musicians possible.

Will has toured with Galen Deery since early 2018 and has written dozens of the guitar parts and guitar solos shown in the albums previous. songs like "Vibration" (Properties of Zero) and "Shine" (Spirit of the Redwoods) show his incredible ear for dynamic expression and god-like skills.

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Bass/ Guitar

Yo what up, I’m David, I play guitar & bass.  I’ve come to love the selflessness inherent in the bass guitar.  It’s an instrument that allows one to shape the sonic background in such a way that the other players present can hear their own sound in a new way that wouldn’t be possible alone.  I enjoy having the ability to make everyone around me sound better.  In this way the guitar has become my personal vessel of soul feeling and meditation which is a very personal experience that I generally restrict to my own home, however, the bass has become my instrument of social interaction and collective joy. 


This paramount idea of the collective is a common theme in the foundation of our band.  We share a common past where music was the crutch that we were all able to lean on during both the best and the worst days, and our goal together is to create pieces of music that can do the same for the listener.  I don’t have any real credentials, relevant education, or anything of the sort.  I took a few lessons in the very beginning, but all of my musical knowledge came from listening and learning myself, and playing what intrigued me.




Pete Ciccone is originally from Kenilworth, New Jersey but moved to Easton, Pennsylvania at seven years old. Around that age he began discovering music on YouTube, in video games and just listening to whatever "looked or sounded sick." Pete's wide variety of drumming styles started out with the classic rock bands of the 70s and then went deeper into things like metal and hiphop.

Pete studied drummers on YouTube like Tony Royster Jr and Eric Moore and says, "I’ve always thought listening to all the greats, all the genres, and styles of music will only benefit my playing. Watching those guys play changed my whole perspective of drumming. Their crazy chops and beats always caught my attention."

Growing up, Pete started taking lessons at the school of rock program after school and was playing local gigs with friends constantly. Then at 18, he began at Berklee College of Music as a drum/percussion major. Being there expanded his love for current and old school hiphop as well as metal, soul, and R&B music. With that boost of inspiration he instantly knew that taking the drums as far as possible is what he wanted to do. Really the end goal being to play drums for a living.

"Music for me is a way to escape and have a great time especially playing with people you have a good relationship with is key, no matter what genre! You definitely can feel the energy in the room. I love playing drums and making people feel the beat. The beat is always grooving and I hope it inspires whoever is watching."

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